Waterslot Router WSM3

A drainage router for fast, easy and consistent application of water drainage slots in PVCu profile.


  • WS/3 with top, bottom and rear head
  • WS/2 with top and bottom head
  • Top tilting head for entry slots – 0 degrees to 75 degrees – with adjustable depth and stroke length settings and easy change left or right off-sets
  • Bottom head for concealed drainage with depth and stroke length adjustments
  • Rear head for face drainage with depth and stroke length adjustments
  • Each head is powered by a high speed, low maintenance air motor giving 20,000rpm with an 8mm collet fitted as standard
  • Double pneumatic clamps and air service unit supplied as standard
  • Floor standing
  • Two handed start for safety whilst operating
  • Fully guarded to CE regulation
Width :450mm
Depth :700mm
Height :1550mm
Weight :75kg
Machine data
Electrical connection:
None required
Air connection:
u00bc bsp. 8 bar max u2013 5 bar min
Air consumption:
5mm or 6mm diameter on an 8mm diameter shank (supplied to order)
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