Transom Cleaner TG3000

A transom groove cleaner for consistent top and bottom sprue removal and feature grooving of welded PVCu transoms and cruciforms.


  • Removes PVCu weld sprue from top and bottom of transom and cruciform joints
  • Transom widths from 50mm to maximum of 120mm
  • Profile heights from 45mm to a maximum of 100mm
  • Positioning and clamping are carried out simultaneously at cycle start making the machine extremely easy to operate and use
  • Patented self-centering mechanism (Patent No: 2314372) for ease of use
  • Pneumatic clamping and operation with a two hand safety control
  • Wood grain and white optional
  • Knife flow control
Width :800mm
Depth :900mm
Height :1200mm
Weight :75kg
Machine data
Standard groove width:
Optional groove width:
Air connection:
1/4 bsp. 8 bar max - 5 bar min
Min. transom drop:
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