CNC Length Stop

An automatic or manual input length stop to fit all different types of saws.


  • User friendly icon menu
  • Manual execution of single size
  • Able to input manually a sizes list
  • Receives and stores sizes in real time
  • Editing of size list received by radio
  • Automatic retract of fence at end of each cut – to help operator to remove bead
  • Function to indicate a ‘Head cut’
  • Visualisation of reference value of each bead
  • Graphic visualisation of each machine state: SIZE OK/NOT OK, HEAD CUT, PIECE CLAMP
  • Protected 35 key industrial keyboard (six function keys)
  • Internal aerial
  • Movement fence by stepper motor
Width :500mm
Length :3000mm
Height :1000mm
Weight :70kg
Machine data
Power Supply:
230V 50/60Hz
LCD graphic
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