Bead Measuring Calliper

Window measuring calliper.


  • Radio transmission of sizes to the length stop
  • Able to store 100 sizes (if the BC is not under radio control)
  • Able to store and use 99 different value of size correction – for a bead at 90 degrees or ‘overlap’
  • Able to store and use 99 different alphanumeric references – to recognise the kind of bead to be cut (colour or shape….)
  • Able to set a proportional correction factor – this will increase or decrease the bead length in function of the taken size
  • Software able to manage three different extension bars (as supplied)
  • Sleep function for a quick restart
  • Internal aerial
  • Easy use handle
  • Absolute measuring device (do not need zero setting every time you switch on)
  • Six button industrial keyboard
  • Two signal LED for instant view of instrument state
Min size :117mm
Max size :3000mm
Weight :2.19kg
Machine data
Power Supply:
Four rechargeable AAA batteries
Two lines LCD 16 Characters
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